Catalog of Radio-Controlled Square-Riggers (Windjammers)

Catalogue de voiliers radio-commandés à gréement carré

Katalog von RC-Rahseglern


Square-Riggers comprise brigantines, brigs, barquentines, three- or four-masted barques (also called barks), and full-rigged ships. For the sake of controlling systems I include topsail schooners; if you are interested in pure fore and aft schooners (I understand!) check

Propeller-driven radio-control boats may be fun to build but quickly become very boring to operate, unless you are heavily into boat races and you like to tweak the most power out of electric or gas-powered motors. Radio-control sailboats are more fun, but there again, most are plain sloops optimized for weekend racing on the local pond. I actually put together and sailed a two-channel Victoria sloop, which is a good pretext to sit by the water in a gentle breeze (see a YouTube clip). Owing to the complexity of both construction and operation, there are not many sailing models of squareriggers, but that is what makes them challenging, and actually closer to robots than toys. A step above this would be to build a "scaled replica".

I would like to build a typical three-masted barque. It would have four channels, one for fore, one for main, one for spanker (air rudder), and one for rudder. In my copious free time, I have not started yet, so I can only gawk at what others are doing. Please send me updates, details, or new links for the Catalogue.

1. The model squareriggers on water

A. Models built by individuals and by clubs

B. Models available commercially

2. Details of yard and sail controlling systems

3. How to sail a model square-rigger

From all references, it appears that independent control of the foremast is very important. The real 5-masted ship Preussen lost bowsprit and foremast in a collision with a steamer, with hull and all other four masts intact, but became a total loss because of the inability to change course.


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