Reproduced with permission from the Duckworks "As the Wind Blows" column, September 2104 issue by Jerry Todd, Maryland, USA.

HMS Banterer

Lars Michler, and his father Werner of Frankfort Germany, started work together on this 1:30 scale model of H.M.S. Banterer some seven years ago. They chose Banterer as Lars says; "she was the smallest ship with the lines of a 'modern' frigate we were able to find. In 1:30 I can still get her in the back of my car (of course with with lowered masts and folded bowsprit and boom).

Banterer was the namesake of her class of 6 ships; a 24 gun 6th rate "post ship" launched in February of 1807. Another Banterer class ship was HMS Cyane, captured with HMS Levant by the American frigate Constitution in February of 1815. Banterer was only in service for twenty months when she was wrecked in the St Lawrence river in October of 1808. On the model a miniature of the Admiralty chart of the water where the ship was lost lies on the table in the great cabin.

Lars and Werner carry Banterer down to the water.

Banterer has a gun deck length of 120cm (47"), and a breath of 32cm (12.5") (hull length bow to stem is 140cm (55"). Fully rigged she is 190cm (75") long and 135cm (53") tall. She weights about 30kg (66pds) with 4kg (9pds) of external ballast just below the keel and 8kg (18pds) of ballast in the hold.

The model is controlled by a Graupner MC32 2.4gHz computerized remote control supplemented by a programmable Robbe/Futaba S.Bus in the ship. This allows programing of single servos and groups of servos for chained actions. Functions like the length and balance of the braces was solved mechanically by windlasses developed by Lars and Werner.

Operated by radio-control are:

For maintenance and transport lower und upper hull can be seperated at the bottom of the main wale.

For Transport masts can be lowered, and mizzen boom and bow sprit can be folded/shortened. Making the upper part of the hull a package of about 150cm (59") in length, a 65cm (25.5") main yard and 34cm (13") hull width, and a heigh of 75cm (29.5").

Stuns'l iron on end of yard.

Pipes lead line from below to pinrails.

Cabin with chart of the St Lawrence on the table.

View along the bulwark.

Working wheel.

Some of the custom brace controls.

A fighting top and some of the rigging.

The head.

The stern.

T'gallants in their bunts.

All sail set.

Lars keeps a build-log on the Model Ship World forums, and can be contacted there.