Antonio Valderrama

Madrid, Spain

Ferris Model Ship


Scale is 1:48

The Plans

01 3D model.jpg 02 3D model.jpg 05 3D model.jpg ThinkDesign 3D drawings, perspective view

03 3D model.jpg 04 3D model.jpg Side view showing the framing

Hull Construction

06 cutting from raw plywood.jpg Cutting frames from raw plywood

07 assembling the frames.jpg 08 assembling the frames.jpg 09 aligning the frames.jpg 10 aligning the frames.jpg 11 some model resting.jpg Assembling and aligning the frames

13 flooring the holds.jpg 14 inside the holds.jpg Flooring the holds

12 first hull planks.jpg 15 planking the aft.jpg 16 planking the aft.jpg 17 fore planking almost complete.jpg Planking the hull

19 superstructure.jpg 20 superstructure.jpg Superstructure

Power Plant

21 crankshaft.jpg Stuart engine crankshaft

Boiler1.bmp Boiler2.bmp 22 boiler.jpg Twin boiler of personal design

18 plastic propeller (temporary).jpg Provisional plastic propeller