Cocatre-Zilgien J.H. & Delcomyn F. (1992). Identification of bursts in spike trains. J. Neurosci. Meth. 41:19-30.
Abstract. A computer algorithm to identify 'bursts' in trains of spikes is described. The algorithm works by constructing a histogram of interspike intervals, then analyzing the histogram to detect the critical interval in the distribution that represents the break between short intervals within a burst and the longer intervals between bursts. When such a value is found, it is used as a 'threshold' to determine those intervals in the spike train that lie within a burst and those that lie between bursts and, thereby, to identify the beginning and end of each burst in the train. The validity of the bursts is evaluated with a chi-square test. The performance of the algorithm and how it can be assessed is discussed.

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