For Sale

1961 Yamaha Spinet Piano


This Yamaha has had only one previous owner before us, and it has a very bright crisp tone.

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Well maintained with no scratches. Dimensions are 58" w, 37" h, and 26" d, with heavy cast iron frame.

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Serial Number 167232 shows it to be manufactured in 1961 in Hamamatsu, Japan

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Inside Top Views

P1020585_web.JPG P1020586_web.JPG P1020587_web.JPG

Inside Front Views

P1020602_web.JPG P1020603_web.JPG P1020604_web.JPG P1020605_web.JPG

Equipped with a Damp-Chaser(R) Humidistat

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Includes padded piano bench

P1020622_web.JPG P1020619_web.JPG P1020620_web.JPG

Includes classic 1960-vintage light

P1020669_web.JPG P1020623_web.JPG, it is not piano music, but saxophone music; this is why we sell this piano :(

Bring your own music and come try it!

We are located here in mid-eastern Illinois, phone (217) 840-1433.